Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Random Topic

1. Mash was severely sick for the last few months, unnoticed.

2. Our first honeymoon and vacation, together.

3. Baby's moving quite frequently now, right side.

4. Selling laptop, anyone?

5. Second honeymoon next week, Kelantan.

Till then, on hiatus.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pregnancy Checkup

I went to KKIA TTDI today. It's located right in front of VADS building, so it wasn't hard to get there; even I was nervous at first because the unpredictable traffic jam I might get caught into.

Bertolak dari umah dlm pukul 7.30, passed the BSC, went straight to TTDI.

Sampei sia, those Unity College girls asked me to see the nurse. And I was like "Then who are u? Bukan nurse ke?"

They just smiled and passed my red book to the nurse incharge of registering. Weird girls :)

The UC girls, again called me and took my height and weight. They gave me a cup to pee into, and checked my sugar. Alhamdulillah my sugar was ok la...

Time to scan.
Went inside the scanning room and I saw Dr Shanthi waiting for me behind the desk. She told me to lie down and I climbed up onto the bed. Pulled off anything that needs to be pulled out, and tucked my pants with the blanket; just like they usually do during scanning session, except me doing it myself here....

Then, I realised I can't see any screen facing me, the only screen to see the baby was facing towards the doctor. I was dissapointed, but I knew the screen will be wheeled later, facing me; after all I am the mother I must see my baby betul sik? Hehehe.

But unfortunately, the doctor did the scanning and did not even ask me whether I want to see my baby's movements or comment something like "Eh dia tengah bye2 u la ni..." (like Dr Zuraimi Mediviron Clinic does always).

Dr Shanthi was too focused to my baby the she didn't even look at me. Sigh. I just lie there, doing nothing, with my stomach in full view to everyone's there (but luckily no one was there :) ).

"Kepala baby kat bawah, ukuran kepala tepat untuk 22minggu, uri kat atas, everything is fine with your baby".

Fuhh... Alhamdulillah agik...

"May I know the gender?" Dr Shanthi replied,"Oh kami tak bagitau tu kat sini...".

Hehe I don't know why they have that kind of rule/policy but nevermind...

I asked Dr again regarding my weight which I do not gained during my pregnancy. It was merely 0.5kg more than the last time I did my checkup at KKIA Bangsar.

She told me that it is normal for pregnant woman from 1 - 5 months to gain weight 0.5/month but when it comes to the 6months onward, it should be 0.5/week.

Oh Faidrol, wait ya, ada masa Ema jadi semakin gemuk sini :)

And that was it.
I complete my session just minutes before 8.30am. 'Twas quick, wasn't it?

Since I still have more time left (I took 1/2 AL in the morning), I took my sister with me to Hosp Putrajaya since I want to register for the FPP.

What is FPP?

Full Paying Patient. Will talk more about this tomorrow, as tomorrow I'll be meeting Dr. Hazim for first time checkup under FPP.

All in all, it was great to see my baby's doing fine, even I was a bit afraid that I'm losing my appettite to eat. Sorry baby, you can take whatever you like from my body, I can always fill up later :) Muahmuah Baby...

Here's what my baby looked like after the scanning session:

Not too clear, isn't it?
Done at KKIA TTDI; today.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Old Wives Tales v2

My office PC screen had an ant on it, and I tried shooing it away by moving my mouse. Hehe work-prone activity.

BabyCenter has been sending me updates on my baby's development every week and I found one of the link to this:

Ya... that's pretty much everything people around me told me. But lets see if that comes true in September ya.

There's a side for a boy and girl. I'm not gonna tell which side am I experiencing more. :P

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Predict Muka Anak Kedirik :)

I really believe in daughters take their fathers' looks and vice versa for the sons (Even in most cases they aren't true :))) )

Here what my daughter might look like ya:

Hehe. Faidrol when he was how old pun kamek sik tauk...
Muka sik berubah :P

And if we have son in the future they might look like me:

Sonogram Pictures

Here what my baby looks like from the first scan to yesterday's one:

9 weeks old:
Done at Mediviron P.Dalam.

One month after that:
Done at Mediviron P.Dalam too.

She was.... how many weeks dah lupak :P :
Done at Pantai Medical. Even the sonogram looked a bit exposed, but during the scan I can hear my baby's heart beat, the blue and red color of the heart alternately changing for every beat and the TV screen was big too, so everything was clear.

And...yesterday, which was 21weeks old:
Done at Mediviron at P.Dalam.
The baby can't fit into the pic anymore ya... Hehe.
And we can only see the backbone.

I am really looking forward for the next scan session!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Old Wives' Tales - Anybody?

O and ya, one more thing.

I surfed through the internet and I found so many Western websites offering how do they predict baby's gender. I thought only we Asian believe in old wives' tales. So do they.

Common points in predicting a baby's gender should be (or any other points that I might missed out, so correct / add me if I'm wrong) :

1) Your belly shape - If it's round, then it is most probably a girl. And if it's oval in shape (and we cant see the belly bulging in front from the back), it's a boy.

2) Your eating habit - If you're eating sweets, or you eat too much, it might be a boy. If you tend not to eat anything to avoid any vomiting, then it might be a gigirl....

3) Your face - If people around you keeps complimenting your looks, be ready to buy boys' stuff. And if you look pale / not glowy, your baby might steal your sweet look cause it's a girl... Hehe.

These are one of the many points (I know, lame right to believe or even bother by old wives tales) but only Allah knows what He created best for us!

Let see if my scanning session return true result later in September :P

1) I don't know my belly shape was, until Kak Neng pointed out to me and Ijah that my belly shape can't be seen from the back. And Ijah said it was oval. Teeetttt.. Old wives tales tell otherwise!

2) My eating habit had always been undistracted, but even more undistracted from the start of me carrying a baby. For the first three months, I ate like nobody's business. I need to consume something every 1 /1.5 hours and if I don't, I'll be getting the headache. No matter what time of the day was it. And now 4 - 5 months during pregnancy, I almost settle down with an acceptable amount of rice everytime, but, still, I need to have 2 / 3 hours in between meals. Hence, the 10kg gain. :P

3) My boss did compliment me of my looks, but that was just because I just bought new face powder and blusher from Elianto :P Screw old wives' tales!

Haha. There you go. All three are teeeetttttt. Salah la kiranya...

I'm not hoping for a particular gender, as long as she/he will make me and my husband proud.

I miss my baby somersaulting!

Anyone has any other tales that we might share together?

Bathroom Rival

I fell off in the bathroom guys. Apa macam? Kenak marah dengan mak n Ijah la...

And after Cyrus' advice, I went to Mediviron in P.Dalam and had another scan session with Dr. Zuraimi.

My baby was having a really good time when she stresed her legs, bend her knees and hands, shoving herself, and twisting her body. She was kickin' me! Alhamdulillah nothing happens to her.

And did I mention it's a she?
Zara, you have a friend this year!!!

She, she, she.
Ijah, ready your baby's clothes and pack them up, give them to me. :P Pretty please.... :PPPP

Friday, May 7, 2010

Legalise Betting?

Agak2 if we use gov's sports facilities after the sports betting legalised, dikira berdosa kah?

"Awang Adek also said the revenue from gaming was used for sports development"
- The Sun Friday 7th May

Peh sik alang2.... terus nak legalise. Kelabu mata ka nanggar banyak revenue coming from betting?

20 Weeks. 16 to go (and plus minus...)

Yeah, it's been 20 weeks. And after all these weeks, today is the real real real vomiting of nothing and saliva. Eww.

I want to post picture of my sonogram here (oh Arfa thanks for the word now the Momma knows one extra word) but I need a scanner first. I do have it at home, but LAZY.

I think the baby is moving.... But I'm not really sure how it moves. Whether it IS the baby, or maybe it's just my stomach grumbling? First timer. :P

To all other friends who are also expecting, Soul, Siti and others that I might not been updated yet, congratulations and may you'll get a geedy goofy geeky little babies. And cute and adorable. Hehe... But not girly ya, expecting boy ke apa takut girly2 plak. Hehe.

Next time I'll tell more about my first ever visit to the Gov Clinic. Was kind of loser sorang2 dia sia :( I need my hubby. Huhu.

Monday, May 3, 2010

1 Year Service

Given by my boss for one year service. I opt for a better one :P


This was snapped by my hubby. Near Pulau Aman jetty.
And this too. I miss that Guess? Watch in black. Now it's white and I feel like I'm going to a club.

Ignore the monkey pose.

I miss dates :( Enjoy it while you still have boyfriends, girls.

KL - Penang -KL v2

Went back again last weekend. Went up north with a friend ( a colleague too) she got a futsal tournament (Milo organised) and reached Juru arnd 10.45PM.

Dear Hubby brought me to Mee Udang Pak Ngah. Sedap nyaman semua ada.

The next day,
Nando's again. My baby likes Nando's ey?

Chilling out at home (even it was quite hot there) and went back with Sister in Law and her husband. Jam from I dont know where cos was sleeping to Rawang. Hehe.

Reached home at arnd 11.30PM and straight went to Zara's room to play with her. Miss Takde.

Monday, April 19, 2010

KL - Penang - KL

Going to Penang was 2hrs plus minus, but the turbulance was really bad I can't drink my juice. I tried putting the cup towards my mouth, there, the place hit air pocket. Tried many times but to no avail. Bad for MAS; hands up for fireflyz though, they had really smooth journey and touchdown. MAS touchdown was bad too (at least for this flight KL - PG) all passengers swayed to the left I dont know why during the touchdown. Seat was 2X not comfortable compared to the bus!
I hate it when I hv to sit near the aisle.
Going to Gate A04. Left and right are perfumes. Bencik lagik as no money :(

Going back to KL was ermmm sad. Yalah, ninggalkan laki kan... hehe. Took bus from Kulim at 3PM and guess what, arrived in KL at 10PM which is 3hours late. The bus took its passengers from Bagan (near the Ferry) and Chai Leng Park. Two stops in Penang itself. Frustrated as the bus drivers all moved in slow motion. Ergh. Can't sleep as I had backache (anyone had experience taking the Express Bus would agree with me) and, the bus drivers were talking to each other like yelling. My seat was 2 rows from the front, then hmmm sleeping was never enough.

All in all, I love love love this trip to PG. My hubby bought me 2 maternity clothes which are very nice n colourful! I bought him his birthday present (which is 1month+ late) the Dockers wallet. Ya, the Topshop had worned out (he used it almost 4 years I think). Both of us hanged out in QBM, where we laughed at the wannabe Models. Tee hee (kamek sik nganok rupa daknya, tapi pose dak nya, takut terkenan! Blah).

This week he should be going back to me, in KL. I'm hoping to see him more as I want my child to look like him. Hehhee.

Nothing new with our married life. Just that, was fresh out of a series of quarrel and it halts as we see each other. Hope this will continue til we stay together later.

~ Signing Off.
**Just browsed through a blog which had Coach Sale. I want the wallet really bad!!!! (In case Faidrol reads, please sayang... :P)

Monday, April 12, 2010

4months Check Up

Has been very happy last few days. Went to PMC for a check-up and the baby is fine, saying hello to dad. Hehe.

Considering of going to Penang this week for a check-up at a hospital there. Been considering to deliver the baby there in Penang instead of KL. Maybe induce to set the date ya?

Now I miss my hubby... :(

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Of Friends and Hate?

I am writing this now as I need to let go most of my feelings after, or had been used by people around me.

Apa rasa kita kalau kita bagi nasihat sebaik2nya pada orang tu, and they look for an easier way around the problem, not by taking my advise too wisely, but they, took the short cut and, USED ME?

Just to let themselves go out from their personal problem. First, they came looking for me where in the first place I didn't even interested to be part of the problem. When suddenly, they were asking what was my best advice?

As a friend, and I knew what best for ME, not always good for other people, I advised them accordingly. I knew all the twists and turns because, I had been in their path, exactly. I had been exactly what they have been through, and with my very little and humble experience that I got, I had given them my advice.

And what happens next? I always, always tell them that the last thing that they should do is, the decision will always be in their hands. It will always go tracing back to their originator, the external are advisors only, but the decision maker is the may I say here the TROUBLE MAKER themselves?

I had been a couple of times being an advisor to few of my friends, and I am very willingly and without hesitation asked them to use my advise in order for them to solve their problem.

First it wasn't that harmful because I know, without me being my friend's friend, why should I still be friend with their gf / bf who they had problems with? As what I'm saying here, I dont make friends with the people my friends had dissent with.

But as far as I know, people bring bad news faster than the good ones. And yes, my advice, in which, became the main factor why the bf / gf separated in the first place, got travel a little bit faster than the news that I'm pregnant.

And yes, don't tell me to just get over it, because I don't. I didn't do anything to break them up or make them together again, I gave them those advice from what facts (their problem) that they have told me.

I don't mind being the bad egg of everyone's everyday chat, but yeah, when it's not true, it really hurts me.

Being the true friend (I guess), giving an advice is good enough. But please, don't start with making a short cut through my advice.

I am really sad of the things happened in past months.

Thankfully, there's a baby in me that keeps me smile.

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