Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sonogram Pictures

Here what my baby looks like from the first scan to yesterday's one:

9 weeks old:
Done at Mediviron P.Dalam.

One month after that:
Done at Mediviron P.Dalam too.

She was.... how many weeks dah lupak :P :
Done at Pantai Medical. Even the sonogram looked a bit exposed, but during the scan I can hear my baby's heart beat, the blue and red color of the heart alternately changing for every beat and the TV screen was big too, so everything was clear.

And...yesterday, which was 21weeks old:
Done at Mediviron at P.Dalam.
The baby can't fit into the pic anymore ya... Hehe.
And we can only see the backbone.

I am really looking forward for the next scan session!

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