Friday, August 14, 2009

Gambar KL - S'pore

Pardon for the blur images. Pardon for the wrong date. Pardon for the sequence of images yang sik betul. Just enjoy.

Aida dan Bege. Cute, adorable couple. Bila la sidak nak kawen...
Lipat kerusi, hampar comforter, voila! Jadi katil untuk Si Kecil Zara.

IPBA - Park Hotel?

Been trying to avoid following my sister and her husband, Niko to Singapore. My excuse was some of my wedding preparation have not been seen and evaluated (ewwah alu juak, perlu kah evaluate). I've been planning to go to a wedding showroom, cos I want the yellow songket so badly!
And, the papers for my wedding card, things to buy untuk sirih junjung, things to buy for my hantaran....and the list goes on.

But, it was 2.30PM, my family was discussing on how both my sis n Niko going to Singapore. They considered AeroLine or FireFly. My dad won't let them go because of the H1N1 breakout, they almost decided to just let Niko go alone without my sister and their baby. My sister dah sulked, knowing that, everything will be paid by Niko's company, so people, from hotel to food, semuanya gratis!!!

Seeing my sister sulked, she already changed her clothes to baju rumah, I went into the discussion, jadi heroin kejap. I offered my City and me to be the driver second-in-line. They all quickly agreed. So.... everyone was packing up while I was still digesting my own decision to go to Singapore, having no money, and knowing my hantarans will be a bit cheaper over here.... CreditCard so good... CreditCard so good... CreditCard so good... hati sudah chanted.

And yes, I know, I will be having my second appointment with Dato' Dr Arumugam, a heart specialist in Pantai (yes, this should be another post then, its a whole different story) on Saturday, and my road tax is to be renewed on 15th August. So off we went to Singapore, on a road trip, with minimal stops as we avoided the public (H1N1).

So, smp JB jak, I was excited, because it has been long time since I visited JB. The last one was in 2005. Fckin 4 years ago. Wow. And yes, 4 years it takes to make me recognised nothing, just some prominent buildings where I clubbed or hanged out with friends, CS, BlueWave, Zon... and our last resort was CS jaklah, senang, makan McD.

I called up my friends, Aida and Bege and yes all grow up menjadi matang. Hoh, we had quite a laugh there in mcD. Jumpa sidak in 15 minutes ajak, rushed to get to Singapore takut apa2hal sik lepas.

Sampei2 jak di checkpoint ya, we were stucked at the AutoPass Card that we have to purchase (I still dont know what purpose it served). They said I need to pay penalti SGD10 as my road tax is overdue! I quickly convinced her that it was to be renewed on the 15th, not today. And I saw at my road tax....ya, it was today. Another RM2k needs to be invested. Aiseh, potong2.

Pas ya, syukor juak lah, all the Singaporean were very helpful and informative. We managed to go through without any hassels and straight went to the Hotel to check in and have a long long hot bath.

Now, its 8.32AM and we're preparing ourselves to stroll through the park behind the hotel ( I dont know but I can see the river from here).

Afternoon we'll be checking out and to JB, plan was to go to Persada Johor for the PC fair. With Aida lagi! Yeay. My fiance wants me to check out the Celcom Broadband plan.

So, jumpa lagi lah bila2 rasa mok update...


Monday, August 10, 2009


Oh, patut la...the comment part is not working. Rasa nak gugok jantong. Lelah molah baru eh. Huhu.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Polis Sentri @ KL

Main tapok-tapok (this is sembunyi2 in Bahasa Swak), tapi in big scale (in a city), but with real cops, and real information giver. Suupp sana, suppp sini, dekat lorong2 Kuala Lumpur. Once kenak tangkap, you'll be caught and put in real jail, and needs to be bailed.

How's that for our next playtime?

Bes eh!!! Next time, if I have the courage, I'll bring along my fiancee. Just for protection. Hehe.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wedding Part II

Take a great look at these pictures:

More of them are here . It was super nice to have them picture our big day ha. I just don't fancy asking around anymore as I've learnt my lesson with FloraEtc. Haha. Close friends know better.
I stumbled upon this cute little photographs taken by David something his name under axioo, at Plaza Indonesia at the interconnecting bridge between the Plaza and EX Plaza. For those who been there, tauk lah kali. Eena and Syima know too but I think they sik ambik port. Hehe. But I was so amazed by his creativity in editing those pictures into warm ones. I'll have this technic to edit my own, will try to search for the tutorial though :P.

As known, I've been to Indonesia in search for my wedding preparation things. Everything's 90% bought from there, and that 10% balance will be bought once I go there, again, to pick up my wedding dresses from the streamstress (once a neighbour to my sister in Gang Langgar, Lenteng Agung). She just lost her husband, and her husband was like a father to my sister and brother-in-law. Bu Ati and her husband were the neighbours that are sought after - taking care of the neighbours, very down to earth (sapa sik, if they are rich - in Indo - quite sure this is not their trait). When we visited Bu Ati (intended to give all the things needed to be sewn), she was still in a state of grieving her lost. Poor her, alone, and without a neighbour (my sister moved to Jalan Timbul 3A, Jakarta Selatan last year).

And I did have my urut and lulur. All the way right in the home of my sister. Haha. Tukang urut ya, Bu Dewi namanya, datang ke umah, specially came to urut and lulur the bride-to-be. Edeh. Siklah. She was there, initially because my parents needed her, cos they've been with me all day for 2 days straight. Bringing the plastic bag full of 50metres of kain, and whatnots. I carried almost everything at the end of the day, cos kesian nanggar daknya dah berumur tapi terpaksa ngembak barang berat2. End up I brought the things, seret ke lantei. Dah sik larat.

Things that I've bought in Jakarta:
1) Tiara, Necklace, ring and other accessories
2) Kain untuk family
3) Kain untuk extended families
4) Kain untuk flower girls and boy
5) Sure la- kain for the bride herself, 2 pasang
6) Kain untuk curtains di beranda, pelamin, bilik
7) Kain untuk cadar - yes, I made it myself
8) Kain untuk runner meja for guests - super nice I love it.
9) Bunga2 untuk decoration - SSF did catch my attention, but the price...huhu to be cried over.
10)Other things that I might forget while I'm writing this.

All in all, budget VS cost, I saved up almost RM2000. Quite reasonable aih. Dengan cuti nya lagik kan. Berbaloi...berbaloi.
Things left to be settled adalah:
1) Kad jemputan
2) Kasut kawen - nak molah kedirik juak
3) ......
Sekda dah kali? Ya jak nak?

Wow. Boleh tahan juak persiapan tok oh. Tinggal duak jak major yang belum siap. Cool.
Will post the things later, in picture ok. ~ Like as if ada orang baca blog tok. Waiting for the visual presentation. Teehee.

Oklah, chow lok. Anyway, I hate changing the template. Bagus agik makei kaki ayam ari ya. Haih.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Si Mata Biru

Sometimes something we precious most, will be taken away from us. No matter how adorable it is. Read here. It's heart-wrenching. I know it, cos I was there ~ virtually. Condolences for him. Even though it's only a cat, but it's a life.
Sob sob.
Update: Both kitties were both in heaven by the time I wrote this.
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