Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pregnancy Checkup

I went to KKIA TTDI today. It's located right in front of VADS building, so it wasn't hard to get there; even I was nervous at first because the unpredictable traffic jam I might get caught into.

Bertolak dari umah dlm pukul 7.30, passed the BSC, went straight to TTDI.

Sampei sia, those Unity College girls asked me to see the nurse. And I was like "Then who are u? Bukan nurse ke?"

They just smiled and passed my red book to the nurse incharge of registering. Weird girls :)

The UC girls, again called me and took my height and weight. They gave me a cup to pee into, and checked my sugar. Alhamdulillah my sugar was ok la...

Time to scan.
Went inside the scanning room and I saw Dr Shanthi waiting for me behind the desk. She told me to lie down and I climbed up onto the bed. Pulled off anything that needs to be pulled out, and tucked my pants with the blanket; just like they usually do during scanning session, except me doing it myself here....

Then, I realised I can't see any screen facing me, the only screen to see the baby was facing towards the doctor. I was dissapointed, but I knew the screen will be wheeled later, facing me; after all I am the mother I must see my baby betul sik? Hehehe.

But unfortunately, the doctor did the scanning and did not even ask me whether I want to see my baby's movements or comment something like "Eh dia tengah bye2 u la ni..." (like Dr Zuraimi Mediviron Clinic does always).

Dr Shanthi was too focused to my baby the she didn't even look at me. Sigh. I just lie there, doing nothing, with my stomach in full view to everyone's there (but luckily no one was there :) ).

"Kepala baby kat bawah, ukuran kepala tepat untuk 22minggu, uri kat atas, everything is fine with your baby".

Fuhh... Alhamdulillah agik...

"May I know the gender?" Dr Shanthi replied,"Oh kami tak bagitau tu kat sini...".

Hehe I don't know why they have that kind of rule/policy but nevermind...

I asked Dr again regarding my weight which I do not gained during my pregnancy. It was merely 0.5kg more than the last time I did my checkup at KKIA Bangsar.

She told me that it is normal for pregnant woman from 1 - 5 months to gain weight 0.5/month but when it comes to the 6months onward, it should be 0.5/week.

Oh Faidrol, wait ya, ada masa Ema jadi semakin gemuk sini :)

And that was it.
I complete my session just minutes before 8.30am. 'Twas quick, wasn't it?

Since I still have more time left (I took 1/2 AL in the morning), I took my sister with me to Hosp Putrajaya since I want to register for the FPP.

What is FPP?

Full Paying Patient. Will talk more about this tomorrow, as tomorrow I'll be meeting Dr. Hazim for first time checkup under FPP.

All in all, it was great to see my baby's doing fine, even I was a bit afraid that I'm losing my appettite to eat. Sorry baby, you can take whatever you like from my body, I can always fill up later :) Muahmuah Baby...

Here's what my baby looked like after the scanning session:

Not too clear, isn't it?
Done at KKIA TTDI; today.


  1. bloghopping..
    amik fpp jugak yer? tp kita amik dr dh 2 bulan pun bersalin

  2. Yes...dalam on the way nak ambik FPP... Baru tadi check with Dr Hazim. How was Dr Hamidah? Was she good?

  3. Hi,

    I'm currently expenting n thinking of going for FPP under Dr. Hazim. Could you pls share your experience with him?

  4. owh..really miss pregnancy check up..tetibe teringin nak peknen balik..huhuuh


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