Saturday, May 8, 2010

Old Wives' Tales - Anybody?

O and ya, one more thing.

I surfed through the internet and I found so many Western websites offering how do they predict baby's gender. I thought only we Asian believe in old wives' tales. So do they.

Common points in predicting a baby's gender should be (or any other points that I might missed out, so correct / add me if I'm wrong) :

1) Your belly shape - If it's round, then it is most probably a girl. And if it's oval in shape (and we cant see the belly bulging in front from the back), it's a boy.

2) Your eating habit - If you're eating sweets, or you eat too much, it might be a boy. If you tend not to eat anything to avoid any vomiting, then it might be a gigirl....

3) Your face - If people around you keeps complimenting your looks, be ready to buy boys' stuff. And if you look pale / not glowy, your baby might steal your sweet look cause it's a girl... Hehe.

These are one of the many points (I know, lame right to believe or even bother by old wives tales) but only Allah knows what He created best for us!

Let see if my scanning session return true result later in September :P

1) I don't know my belly shape was, until Kak Neng pointed out to me and Ijah that my belly shape can't be seen from the back. And Ijah said it was oval. Teeetttt.. Old wives tales tell otherwise!

2) My eating habit had always been undistracted, but even more undistracted from the start of me carrying a baby. For the first three months, I ate like nobody's business. I need to consume something every 1 /1.5 hours and if I don't, I'll be getting the headache. No matter what time of the day was it. And now 4 - 5 months during pregnancy, I almost settle down with an acceptable amount of rice everytime, but, still, I need to have 2 / 3 hours in between meals. Hence, the 10kg gain. :P

3) My boss did compliment me of my looks, but that was just because I just bought new face powder and blusher from Elianto :P Screw old wives' tales!

Haha. There you go. All three are teeeetttttt. Salah la kiranya...

I'm not hoping for a particular gender, as long as she/he will make me and my husband proud.

I miss my baby somersaulting!

Anyone has any other tales that we might share together?

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