Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How Was Your First Day, Kakak?

Kakak Akma.

This 2 words sentence really piss me off. First, because she spelt my name wrongly. It is, yet, still forgiven as we known each other for a mere few hours and parted ways. But...but she
has been calling me Kakak since Day 1. That, piss me off.

On the first day of job, during the report duty thing at the HR, I was waiting in front of the office door, where all the empty boxes were being put. I don't know for what purpose, but they were there and it fits perfectly on my need to put my things down. So, I put all my documents and etc on the box, waiting for someone to open the door for me. It was 7.20 in the morning and I didnt expect someone to open the door at that time. So I waited.

While waiting, I saw the door opened, from inside, I knew some people just prefer to arrive at
their offices early like what I did, that day.

There, emerging from the HR office, a guy, somewhat girlish I might say, a little shorter than me, with black thick rimmed glass, said, "Akak nak bawak masuk kotak ni eh?"

I didn't reply.

And when he saw my documents on top of the boxes, he cupped his mouth, his eyes grew wider and yes,"Oh sori! sori! You nak report duty ye, masuk masuk!".

After that it was silence. Silence it was, I heard his shoes cloaking towards the Men's toilet
I accidentally got into before I have this incident.

I stood there, thinking. Baju kurung aku ni buruk sangat ke smp kena panggil orang angkut boxes?

I might say that he was rather embarrased too by that statements he made as he walked quite quickly into the toilet.

Haih, I let myself in and it was really, like really the worst first day that I had.

Is it a big deal or I'm making it a big problem to myself?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bersamamu, TV3

Kat dalam air tu, banyak lintah, SEKSA!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Notepad Blog

That I always start my blog writing in a Notepad. Fearing of the loss of data during execution.


And they always dont start with titles.

Everyday I walk from Masjid Jamek to my office. Whenever I walk, I would reminisce all the memories I had before I even have jobs and before I enter tough years in University (Read: 2nd year). That during the interval time between UTM and UM came rushing back at the back of my brain, flashing in front of my eyes. Going out as early as class finished (4.00PM) and balit ke asrama as early as 6.00AM. I missed going out, hanging out with friends (Mimi, Aida, Nadeeya, Cyrus). Yes, we do have some bitter moments, but that don't matter to all of us. It always healed back.
Now, Aida is in JB, Cyrus and Nadeeya in Shah Alam, Mimi somewhere in KL I think she lives with her relatives in UM. We are not like we used to. We all go our own way.


No. I can't. I should go to Nadeeya's house when she finish her exam.
Can't take it. Yeeargh.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Cerca Merba (betulkah oi?)

I feel so old.

I'm 24 (this Oct), I'm working, going to be married and I dress like 30-year olds.
No wonder people with the I.C. 8004XX-XX-XX98 called me "Akak dulu keja mana?".
I replied, "HA?" Then only she re-stated her question with Awak.

kamek yang pekak?

Ijah slalu madah ema tok pekak. Ayah slalu terpaksa ulang what he said because I repeatedly said Ah? Ah? sebab sik dengar. Mak jarang komplen sebab nya jarang madah molah apa molah apa. Abang, seperti sedia maklum, mala jak madah ema pekak sebab apa jokesnya ema sik dengar.

I should go to that ENT tepi KTM di Brickfields.

Most people thought I'm married. Ever since I start working. When I was in Uni, sekda pun orang sebok2 madah "Kau dah kawen ke?" or "Akak skarang anak brapa?".

But nowadays I got a lot of that kind of statements. I just dont know how to reply.
Because they offended me big time.

Should I buy those skinny office attire just to make sure I look younger?
Should I do a face job to make myself like 19 year olds?
Should I just shut up, and pissed myself off dalam hati?

I dont know.

Lagi2 bila udah bertunang tok. Ada duak igek cincin di jari tok, makes me look like a mother of two. I actually dont prefer yellow gold, but. It's not my decision to make.

I hope after I get married no one will say "Awak ni single lagi tak?"


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Birthday Tengah Bulan?

I forgot to make this public - my sister has delivered a healthy, fair, full of hairbaby girl at 3.46AM on Wednesday ~ 15th April 09 @ hospital Putrajaya. Alhamdulillah she and Zara are healthy.

Her name is Zara Nadeeya Puspitaningrum. What a name. kalah auntie nya eh.
sik sabar rasanya nak main2 dengan nya. pulangla cepat, ema mok nya ilek2 denganema. hehe.

Pic coming soon.

Copy or Just Inspired

There it goes again. First it was Radiohead, then it was Foo fighters, now it's Muse. Not forgetting The Strokes.

Even though I don't like the idea of TRYING to copy, but I like to hear thisparticular radio station.

But the downside is, the claimed that it's not cool to listen to songs other thanMalaysian songs, but...but they are inspired by those I have mentioned.

Iboh jak madah sik suka, tapi bila dah nak molah lagu, last2 pakei lagu daknya juak.Makei layar daknya juak. Then blame orang nengar lagu omputeh.

Sigek ya jak. heessh.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Today is my second day of working. Surprisingly, I am not excited nor fresh. Maybe it's the three weeks holiday that I had before I got into this job. I really like being at home, without having to be in the office before 8.45AM. I browsed through the one of the university's website just to "see" how's the postgraduates programme going, and filled them up. haha. but it stopped before I even warmed up because they need us to fill up the introduction to research. damn.

I've read some blogs regarding the transition of the people's vote against the government. I was used to be the other side. but whenever I read those blogs again, the "accusation" made by the PR are making sense. The accusation looks so true and normal. Whenever I finish reading those, it'll appear in the TV (mainly berita) and I see the contradiction. I can see that the mainstream media are making those topics hotter. I can now see the difference. Because I read the prior of watching TV, and that's not it, I watched from reliable sources.

I've made it a point (after having lunch with Yus, my new cubic mate) to do what I thought previously, masters. I should proceed, I guess.

Till then.

(still hoping for a fruitful blog)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Sekda Papa Nak Di Padah... cuma

That the tri-election has passed. I am glad the we've won 2 hills and lost Batang Ai. That's ok coz i know the Sarawakians have yet to see the real truth. I am a Sarawakian myself but ive been living in the peninsula since 1998. the PR will need some time to penetrate the kingdom of the Pehin Sarawak (I dont know why he called himself Pehin where else the pangkat is belong to Bruneian). The Pehin Kingdom has been in Sarawak for almost half the decade. And PR will need years to convince the Sarawakians to vote against the government. Sooner or later they'll see changes happen in the peninsula and they'll vote against the government. This, I predict will fully be PR's government during PRU 14?

I went to Low Yat the other day and managed to upgrade my PC. PC kamek dah outdated gilak sampeikan nak burn CD pun nya akan hang. siannya. So the technician told me mine was DDR1 instead of the famous DDR2. That means, cost more money. DDR1 is very rare nowadays that 1GB costed me RM135. hm... sedangkan ema nanggar di lowyat.net ari ya, DDR2 kingston 4GB adalah bersamaan dengan RM125. Sian kan. heee..

I've bought HDD too 160GB costed RM115. IDE. heh.

And now i have a faster (and still hangs) PC. The reason that i upgraded my PC was I need to finish up a promise to someone, where he paid for his website and I have yet to finish them. in order for me to finish up the website, I will need to have Adobe Photoshop CS which runs quite a handful of memory to go.

Now it's 12.30PM and my sister nudged me to cook something. My dad is coming home soon from school and I am responsible of lunches and dinners. Yeah, unemployed. biasalah. hehe. 

Speaking of jobs, I have been out of job for 3 weeks. Even though I'm not at the office, but the salary masuk lah until this 11th April. Jap, which is today! Haha. I'll be in the new place next Monday. Dah coming to an end lah cuti ema tok. Best juak, cuti2 dapat gaji. I've gone to Bukit Tinggi, Genting Highlands and insyaAllah PD. haha. bes eh.

Bah, kamek nak masak lok. 

P/S: marek ada nemu orang di Elken and he told us (Emma, mak, Mayeng, Payeng ~ Atuk n Nenek dalam bahasa Melanau) "dah mau pulai?" Haha. Mun sik tauk kelakar sarawak iboh..
Pulai is Bahasa Iban. Bahasa Melayu Swak is pulang where else Melanau is pulek.

Backing off.

Friday, April 3, 2009

My Engagement Photos

Hello all,

I am now at one of the hills di Banjaran Titiwangsa atau lebih famously known as... Genting Highlands. Haha. marek I went to the theme park, but nothing new for me (for me la ok). Staying at Awana Golf and Country Resort, quite a nice hotel and sejoooookkk eh. pagi2 sik nampak di luar sebab kabus nya tebal gilak. Now is 7.48AM and the fog still hasnt go away.

I'll be taking some photographs with abang Sham and D. huhu.

Anyway, the photos are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/emma-manson . Feel free to view ok. So now im going off to ebay to see my items. hehe. babaaiii...
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