Monday, April 19, 2010

KL - Penang - KL

Going to Penang was 2hrs plus minus, but the turbulance was really bad I can't drink my juice. I tried putting the cup towards my mouth, there, the place hit air pocket. Tried many times but to no avail. Bad for MAS; hands up for fireflyz though, they had really smooth journey and touchdown. MAS touchdown was bad too (at least for this flight KL - PG) all passengers swayed to the left I dont know why during the touchdown. Seat was 2X not comfortable compared to the bus!
I hate it when I hv to sit near the aisle.
Going to Gate A04. Left and right are perfumes. Bencik lagik as no money :(

Going back to KL was ermmm sad. Yalah, ninggalkan laki kan... hehe. Took bus from Kulim at 3PM and guess what, arrived in KL at 10PM which is 3hours late. The bus took its passengers from Bagan (near the Ferry) and Chai Leng Park. Two stops in Penang itself. Frustrated as the bus drivers all moved in slow motion. Ergh. Can't sleep as I had backache (anyone had experience taking the Express Bus would agree with me) and, the bus drivers were talking to each other like yelling. My seat was 2 rows from the front, then hmmm sleeping was never enough.

All in all, I love love love this trip to PG. My hubby bought me 2 maternity clothes which are very nice n colourful! I bought him his birthday present (which is 1month+ late) the Dockers wallet. Ya, the Topshop had worned out (he used it almost 4 years I think). Both of us hanged out in QBM, where we laughed at the wannabe Models. Tee hee (kamek sik nganok rupa daknya, tapi pose dak nya, takut terkenan! Blah).

This week he should be going back to me, in KL. I'm hoping to see him more as I want my child to look like him. Hehhee.

Nothing new with our married life. Just that, was fresh out of a series of quarrel and it halts as we see each other. Hope this will continue til we stay together later.

~ Signing Off.
**Just browsed through a blog which had Coach Sale. I want the wallet really bad!!!! (In case Faidrol reads, please sayang... :P)

Monday, April 12, 2010

4months Check Up

Has been very happy last few days. Went to PMC for a check-up and the baby is fine, saying hello to dad. Hehe.

Considering of going to Penang this week for a check-up at a hospital there. Been considering to deliver the baby there in Penang instead of KL. Maybe induce to set the date ya?

Now I miss my hubby... :(
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