Friday, December 19, 2008

The Good Ol' Days

Emma tengah pack2 barang kinek tok, mok pegi ke seberang laut in few hours time. Kinda excited, and malas juak. sebab, i need to pack up things without my dad organising everything. yes, he is unofficially in charge in packing things up, and wrapping the unwrapped. haha. abang pegi australia, nya pack. ijah balit sabah dolok, nya pack. ema? ema sik pegi sine2. dok diam2 jak di KL. hehe...

Kinek tok juak, I mean at the same time I'm packing my things, slowly, I'm listening to Juliet the Orange - Eyelash. Emma suka gilak dengan lagu tok. I mean, I've been listening to this song since.. tah, siktauk bila. maybe during the uni days kali sik ingat juak.

and from this song, I start to reminisce the good old days that I had before, read, before I have this job. ( i dunno if it's a job to me coz it feels like hell going to the office and coming back home mimpi hal2 coding).

Kamek duak faidrol akan go to class together, I mean , to the faculty. FCSIT UM to be exact. Our class started generally at 9am, so I picked him at 8.30am (wooahh baruk kamek ingat I was punctual for class, but not for work, its bad).

Bila dah sampei faculty, we went separate ways. Aoklah, nya ada kelas kedirik and I have mine. Macam biasa, I sat in one of the front row seats. Sebab, kebanyakan orang sik brapa berkawan dengan ema gilak. They thought that I was super duper cool kali, therefore avoiding me to not let themselves feel inferior. heh.

Bila kelas dah almost abis, about 15 minutes before the class was over, I texted faidrol on his whereabouts. He waited me in front of the hall. Then, together we drove to Kolej 12 to have lunch. usually the session will be with his friends. and I was the only girl in the lunch group.

We had nothing to think of then. We had our laughter yang sangat ikhlas dan tidak berhabuk sebab we dont have any commitments to think of, we were free, free of expectations (lecturer and study sik kira la k), free of speculations and whatnots. I miss the good ol' days.

then, petang2 sikit, we went to Ikea. our fav place. We would wander around in the ikea, snapping pics with my 2MP camera phone. We talked about furniture (yalah, sebab di ikea kan). How it will look like if its placed in our homes, how about the lightings di siling2 umah...

around 5-6PM, sometimes we will put on our sport shoes (faidrol makei kasut ema jenama apa tah ema sik ingat!! i bought it in indonesia it was rare and we cant find it anywhere in msia as what my brother told me la, i believe its true till now).

we would go to taman apa oh di belakang masjid negara ya ema lupak juak, why am i so forgetful eh? and we jogged. aiseh, ema nak kuruskan badan... he made two rounds, i had one. ya pun, he was forcing me like hell sampei sepak2 ema heheheeh (sepak manja jak ok) to make a full one round. ema pancit, I need oxygen and water. abis sigek botol 1.5 litres ema teguk sendirik. haha.

bila udah pukul 7PM mcm ya, paham2 la, dekat masjid negara, tak manis dipandang pelancong yang berada di situ. so, i dropped him off to his house (just a room rented by Khalis, Abe Ding and faidrol). I came back home, pray, mandik. Malam, keluar agik!

kenapa malam mok keluar? ya... sebab faidrol hendak makan malam. kadang2 kamek orang would go to Mak Mah Tomyam (or is it Kak Mah Tomyam i couldnt remember). Tomyam sia nyaman! (by this time ema type tok, it was 5 minutes gap with the remember word cos of my stupid keyboard that i bought years ago masa mula2 masuk U. Ema cabut ps/2 nya n pasang balit, ingatkan perlu restart pc sebab nya ps/2 then try the numlock thing the light (or LED?) was there so its working. pardon me for my lack of hardware knowledge. heh.

Bila udah kenyang, Ema akan sent him back to sarangnya. And the same thing happened to next day, next next day, next next next day...

mindless thing done, going to places without any guilts of not answering calls from customers, superiors, oh I really miss the good ol' days...

When my sister came home from sabah, I will gladly picked her up at KLIA (by the time LCCT was still in progress, i think). She will came back with stacks of CDs, cool music she brought back home just to let her little sister listen to them. Some are gamelan music, pop, rnb, classic and oldies. she has taste like our dad, but I am more into rock and alternative. (blame it to my brother).

We will, still, wander around the ikea, taking pictures, my sister will buy some things while I just browsed through. Oh I still, miss... the good... ol' days.

I miss listening to the radio (I turned to red104.9), back then, they played No Doubt featuring Cypress Hill. They played Nirvana, played alternative. The DJ wasnt bad though, her voice serak2 basah. I like.

But now, everytime I turn to red104.9, they played old folks songs. they played too-mellow-for me songs. Oh, I miss the good ol' Red104.9 days...

I miss being the Emma who never had guilt. of not picking up calls from customers (or clients I must say I dunno which term is better but econs students should know this right), not answering calls from the Director, from Project Manager, from Manager or from the Public Bank Team.

I miss hanging out aimlessly with Faidrol, ilek2 di bukit di UM (ala, sapa2 biak UM pasti tahu tempat itu tempat apa). but, everytime Ema pegi sia just to reminisce the time we had together, it was empty, no students lepaking. Oh i miss bukit itu semasa dulu...

I miss so many things right now. maybe because of the song I play now (yes, the Eyelash song still ~and am not going to stop it~ playing). Faidrol used to have an MP3, and this song was the song that I played over and over whenever I borrowed the mp3 from him.

I miss my sister when she was single. I miss my brother. I miss my parents. I miss my boyfriend.

I miss hanging out with friends without any feelings hide out. I miss going out to movies with them. I miss going for holiday with them.

I miss going to classes, I miss lectures, I miss assignments and study groups.

I miss...the good ol' days.

Thursday, December 18, 2008



kamek kan pergi meninggalkan tanahair dan terbang ke Indonesia! Dah lamak sik pegi sinun, I'll be swimming in the sea of Clothes! (read: Bandung). I Hope~


Friday, December 12, 2008

The Untouchables

I have just finished watching The Untouchables.

It started when an Officer from the Treasury Department wanted to slam down a gang who cheated on the ledger book (I mean they cheated on not paying the tax upon selling drugs and whatnots)imagine the scene of 60s where mobs and Abruzis running around in their vests, long coats and fedora hats. And not forgetting their thick and long cigars.

He once believed that one of the deliveries in the dock were drugs connected by Al-Capone (I wonder is there any real Al-Capone in mobs lives the last time they ruled the streets, as The Godfather also has the same name). He invited all the police force and one photojournalist from The Examiner. When he crushed one of the box claimed to have contained drugs, but all in the box was an umbrella - a paper umbrella. Click! And the photojournalist took his photo and posted in the next day paper. He was bluffed by Al-Capone (I assumed). He was the joke of the week and being laughed at by those paper people and his department.

Upon this, he was moved to really catch Al-Capone all by himself. But he was alone. Without any time delayed, he made a group of people (which is only four of them), two of them were from the police force, one was an accountant from his department and himself. They were all very determined to catch Al-Capone, everyone had their own point of catching the bad guy (the accountant - of the fraud made by Al-Capone, the two policemen - the gangsters had killed so many of their friends, and the Officer - just being a nice guy in town ~ hehe ema siktauk apa motif nya, so I just made up my own tee hee hee).

Shoot there, mati. Shoot here, mati. Bloody story I tell you. Sana bloody, sini bloody. Biak kecik pun termasuk dalam ini bloody story. Tapi sidak kiut2, sikhal.

To make the story short, the accountant was killed in the elevator in the police station. One of the gangster's ulun (ulun here means orang ikutan) posed as a police and shot him in the head.

One of the policemen also, got killed, by Nitti. Haih, memang Italian tok meant to be gangster oh. Bloody killing lagik. He was shot multiple times, by, not a pistol, not a .38 calibre, but with a rifle. Dolok2 kan they carry rifles and long guns, but not pistol kecik2 as what posed in CSI. eheh.

Two men down, two men still there. The policeman and the officer. The Officer were now more determined, as two of his friends were killed. Emma pun pelik, the policeman is Andy Garcia, who act in mob movie Godfather, nya juak berlakon. Kali nya ada muka2 Itali kali oh. Maka nya Cuban bah...

The Officer, driven by rage, berekot ngagak Nitti. They were all in court for the conviction against Al-Capone. He went to the roof top where Nitti was. At first, he caught him with just the handcuffs just like other good people did for bad people (put them in jail, sentenced them and go back to their family and have vacation). But when they had this conversation:

Officer: Yeah. l'm gonna come see you burn,you son-of-a-bitch! 'Cause you killed my friend! (Emma:He wanted to send him to jail for justice)
Nitti: He died like a pig.
Officer: What did you say?
Nitti: I said that your friend died screaming like a stuck Irish pig!

Yes, this had sent his blood rushed to the head (yeadeh, macam lagu Coldplay pulang oohhh) marah nya bukan main, Nitti had pushed his red glowing button.

Ya nya tek... dengan amarah yang tidak dapat disangka-sangka oleh kita yang biasa2 ajak tok, he pushed Nitti...

off the building.

Nitti, downstairs, taking a nap, in one of the parked cars, with his pool of blood, around him. Yeay for the Officer! Baruk kamek ingat, the Officer's name was Eliot Ness.

The tragic death of Nitti, dan kejatuhan of the mob boss Al-Capone, had sent his name, yet again, posted in the The Examiner headline, as the Officer who had slammed the mob boss directly without any help of any FBI kah, CIA kah at that time.


Kamek tok cepat gilak teruja dengan cerita2 mob tok. Sorry to say, but I love how they dress themselves. They dressed smart, they smoke smart, they act not smart, eheh, biasalah mobs.

Kamek gi smayang asar lok~~

And in one of the last scene in the movie was, he was looking at his picture with all his three friends and himself. The picture was a dramatic black and white picture, with four people sitting at a table in restaurant, with vests on them and cigars at their fingers. Macam mob juak lah kiranya pose sidaknya.


Now you can tell that I'm into guys who are bad huh?

Haha siklah.

Mun mok ada experience sendirik nanggar movie kedak tok, google and get your DVD. While stock lasts. Hehe.

What I know now is I am a bad movie review writer.

~Signing Off~

P/S oh and yes, credit to this website for having The Untouchables script.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Skeptical Bahagian II

Hari ya, I went to one of my schoolmate's wedding. Ghows and Akma (semoga berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat).

At the wedding, I met a few of my highschool friends who used to be my best friends. At first, everyone seems so preserved and stick to who they came with. Me, as usual, buat2 muka sombong ewwah.

Duduk sekali meja dengan Nadeeya, Arfa, Cyrus, Hanna, Pika and Zul. Didnt talk that much though with Hanna Pika and Zul as I am not that close to them then and now. So as usual I just chatted with Arfa and Nadeeya ajaklah...

Till the end of the wedding, then only I managed to got around and talked to few of my used to be best friends. Some of them becoming a doctor, one opening up a bakery. As I sat with my friend at one place, there she is, one of my friend's mom came to us and chatted away with us.

Apakah bahan perbualan kami?

Ya... she was asking, whether now we are working or not, sambung stadi ka sik, ambik apa, brapa tahun lagi. My friend (tanpa mengetahui perangai sebenar ibu kepada kawan saya itu) menjawab dengan penuh frank skali "Oh, saya baru saja abis exam hari tu."

Knowing how the friend's mom will think, I said to myself. abis la kawan mek tok kenak tiau dengan mak orang tok kelak (read: Abis la kawan aku ni, kenak basuh dengan mak orang ni nanti).

And what was the friend's mom reply?

"Oh, awak ni junior setahun dari anak saya la ye? Lambat je abis"


Saya awal2 dah toleh tempat lain dah. Didn't even want to talk to her since I finish my highschool years.

Sangat skeptical. Sungguh skeptical. I hate when one compares us to his/her things/family.

Macam anak nya ya bagus gilak. (Bagus I mean, pendidikan bagus, AKHLAK pun bagus). Get what I mean?

Banyak lagik yang nya padah yang menyebabkan kita terasa down-graded, but being innocent dan melayan sahaja, my friend kept on chatting with the friend's mom.

So, dalam lebih kurang 15 minit, my friend layankan saja the friend's mom, while Nadeeya and I looked some other way. Dah tauk macam ney reaction friend's mom ya kelak.

Ada juak orang macam ya di dunia tok. Down-grading other people tanpa sedar. Subconsciously down-grading people around them. Gila laaa....

Sama ajak dengan anaknya. I knew her for 2 yrs and its enough for me to keep away from her in the future. I thought I can be friends with her again, but, her attitude tidak menunjukkan progress malahan semakin teruk (menunjuk2 and down-grading, sama seperti mak dia).

So kawan-kawan, think before you compliment/ask/talk to people around you. Kalau pun we hurt them, quickly find a way how to cover it up. Just like I use to do, kalau tersalah cakap, pastinya my next statement be "Ooo...aku pun camtu gak...bla2". Cover beb cover.

I hope I will not be like my friend's mom or my friend. Itu patut menjadi pengajaran untuk semua ya.

~Signing Off~

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hungry, Headache, Oily Hair

Pernahkah kamu merasa lapar sekaligus sakit kepala akibat rambut berminyak? Sudah pasti la pernah betol sik, this is common apa... This is what I'm having now, lapar, sakit palak since last night and rambut berminyak cos dah lamak sik syampu (2 3 hari la). Sik lamak ney.

Yesterday, I googled "Kongress Keadilan", and it came out lots of bloggers from Keadilan. Since the once a parti pembangkang now a ruling party, the mainstream media do not give them enough justice for them to voice out their ideology, the internet is the answer. I found out that they are not only plain normal blogger (like me, who keeps on typing trash), but they are professionals, young people who can really put their ideas into implementation and tidak hanya cakap kosong.

Most of them have so many supporters, followers, tidak ketinggalan juga the one who hate them, judge them for being at the other side of the once ruling party. Kamek siktauk kenak sidak suka gilak dengan once ruling party ya, mungkin they have their families terlibat sekali. Apa2pun, they have their interest in the once ruling party.

Semakin lincah kamek membaca (ada ka kelincahan membaca?), semakin syok. Kamek google lagi dan lagi, kamek click on links sana sini. Akhirnya, terjumpa si gossip boy. Tahu kah kamu sapa si gossip boy itu? Tak lain tak bukan Saiful Bukhari. Ada satu hari terbaca yang all the gays mengatakan Saiful adalah gay (only gay knows who gay is). Satu lagi terbaca mengatakan he's Saiful's family, he knows who Saiful really is (he is claimed to be not gay, here).

Akhirnya, dia bertunang. There are so many possibilities why he did that, is it because he wanted to tell all that he is not gay by marrying a girl? Is it because he really loves this girl? Sik tauk. Yang tauk hanya Allah and nya ajak.

I feel that I am backdated udah. Cita2 di atas dah lapuk... But this is my blog, ema boleh update whatever I want termasuk dah lamak update by other people, dah lapuk, ataupun yang mungkin akan terjadi in the future.

Some of Saiful's fiancees' friends also have their blogs. I've read two of them. Coincidently, they start blogging last year and stopped blogging June 2008. Two of them stopped at the same time of the year. Kenak eh? And few posts are about Saiful and their friend (Saiful's fiancee), backing them up, fired back people yang sik suka dengan the couple...

Bagi emma, tok termasuk dalam konspirasi itu. Bukanlah satu coincident. Apa kata kamu?

I dunno, I have gotta read more on the other side. Even though my bf is on the other side, I have yet to make my own commitment to do a read up on the once ruling party. To do a more detailed research. Politic is not funny and we cannot make a "just an assumption" to any parties.

Faidrol, gimme all the books you have about the De Facto Leader.


~Signing Off~

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Little Niece/Nephew

My sister told me the thing in her body can produce its own poop.

Should I "eewwww"

or should I "awwwwww"

or should I "alalalalala comelnya"?


Monday, December 1, 2008

Skeptical: English Romance Novel

Dalam LRT: Depart: Asia Jaya, Destination: Kerinchi.

Time: 1300

I was sitting across one woman (I believe). In her hands sits a novel: Love Me Again by something Navarro (the writer). Bagus juak nya tok, dalam LRT baca buku omputeh.

Then, I saw something's off. She was wearing RM5 punya selipar, 3 quarter shocking pink pants dengan rambu2 di hujung seluar, baju baby pink with some random words written on it, and her body, face, hands, everything, berminyak. Her face didn't reflect someone intellectual. Someone who would read a novel (English Romance Novel) in the LRT. She didn't tuck her hair nicely, her reading glasses are big, with thick brown rims.

Was she really reading an English Romance Novel?

I am now skeptical. Berfikir macam2. Mengutuk tak hengat. Saya tidak puas hati. Pakaian macam tu mana boleh baca English Romance Novel! Rupa macam tu mana boleh tampak educated di khalayak ramai!

Mana Boleh!!

Kerana ketidakpuashatian, kamek kecikkan mata. Kamek baca semua apa yang ada di kulit depan and belakang buku ya. Typical Romance Novel pasti ada pompuan di belakang kulit promoting another sequel on the Romance Novel.

It read: "SMS Nga 'Ko Sa Yo Please Buzz!"

Some other random sentences read: "Mingaw mingaw" something I totally didn't understand.


Sekarang kamek boleh makan tengahari dengan senang hati, tanpa rasa tercabar dengan karenah seorang pompuan cha ya nun alif yang agak serabai tetapi membaca English Romance Novel.

Eh, Philipinos Romance Novel.

Baru lah dunia adil.

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