Sunday, July 5, 2009

Thanks Y'all.

I expressed some dissapointment in my previous post towards the W-day. I complained that some things have yet to be finalised, most of the things have yet to be decided and reviewed in detail. That sort of things.
But the feedback was, I should be moderate and be average towards my W-day. That shocked me, coz I didnt even mention about having an elaborated wedding though.
I dont know if my post reflected / projected through that post that I want one of a kind wedding, and elaborated one, and expensive one. But that's not my intention.
I was just trying to get the message across about my wedding preparation, that is. Everyone wants their wedding to be special, just don't let it be your burden.
Anyway, I thanked all the commentors for keeping me on my track.
Here are some of the pictures I took when I went to Genting with my family, lebih 3 bulan lepas. Haha.

Bunga Genting.

Di dalam Kasino Malaysia.

Kereta kuda ku - She's been to Penang, Muar and Genting
Oklah tu sahaja.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

W-day, postponed??

The reason why I do not blog / update my blog for quite a long time is because I bloghop now. Not only my friends' blogs, but also some strangers blogs, where, I came there by typing

'baju kahwin'
'baju pengantin'

and yes, I arrived at their blogs.

Almost all blog owners that I visited either are in processto become someone's wife, or someone's fiance, or someone's mom (1st pregnancy, most of it). And yes, some of them are honeymooning.

When I read through their honeymoon trips, together with their husbands, I come to think of myhoneymoon. Sad, yes, that I have not yet deciding where and when should I go for honeymoon after our receptions. Ya, we do have one trip off Malaysia, but that will be with my family - Abang, Ijah,Niko and Zara. Not just both of us. So, you see, I will not have my own privacy with my new-found(hehe) husband that time, nor I have memories to create before we get back to the hectic life we have (read: work work work) in Malaysia.

I dont know, I feel like crying whenever I read their blogs, going to the honeymoon together,the husband being so nice and sweet, sik perlu cerita la pompuan mesti la always nice and sweet.

But when it comes to me, I don't recall him as being nice and sweet, lately, anymore.

I don't recall him to be part of my wedding day preparation.
And believe it or not, it's 4 months to go and I have yet to finalise ANYTHING.

Sometimes it frustrating to read other people's blog and then become frustrated. Heh.

Initially twas searching for the bride's dress ideas. Then all the blogs started to show.

Whenever I need a hand from my fiance, we are in not-talking-to-each-other (read: kelahi) mode.
Whenever I need my sister to help me on design and ideas, she is busy with her thesis, Zara and her husband.
Whenever I need my friends, they are either working, or studying. Worse, I don't have any other friends to help me.

I feel pathetic towards the W-day.
I feel like giving up all the preparations.
I fell like giving up - us.

Help me.
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