Saturday, March 6, 2010

Of Friends and Hate?

I am writing this now as I need to let go most of my feelings after, or had been used by people around me.

Apa rasa kita kalau kita bagi nasihat sebaik2nya pada orang tu, and they look for an easier way around the problem, not by taking my advise too wisely, but they, took the short cut and, USED ME?

Just to let themselves go out from their personal problem. First, they came looking for me where in the first place I didn't even interested to be part of the problem. When suddenly, they were asking what was my best advice?

As a friend, and I knew what best for ME, not always good for other people, I advised them accordingly. I knew all the twists and turns because, I had been in their path, exactly. I had been exactly what they have been through, and with my very little and humble experience that I got, I had given them my advice.

And what happens next? I always, always tell them that the last thing that they should do is, the decision will always be in their hands. It will always go tracing back to their originator, the external are advisors only, but the decision maker is the may I say here the TROUBLE MAKER themselves?

I had been a couple of times being an advisor to few of my friends, and I am very willingly and without hesitation asked them to use my advise in order for them to solve their problem.

First it wasn't that harmful because I know, without me being my friend's friend, why should I still be friend with their gf / bf who they had problems with? As what I'm saying here, I dont make friends with the people my friends had dissent with.

But as far as I know, people bring bad news faster than the good ones. And yes, my advice, in which, became the main factor why the bf / gf separated in the first place, got travel a little bit faster than the news that I'm pregnant.

And yes, don't tell me to just get over it, because I don't. I didn't do anything to break them up or make them together again, I gave them those advice from what facts (their problem) that they have told me.

I don't mind being the bad egg of everyone's everyday chat, but yeah, when it's not true, it really hurts me.

Being the true friend (I guess), giving an advice is good enough. But please, don't start with making a short cut through my advice.

I am really sad of the things happened in past months.

Thankfully, there's a baby in me that keeps me smile.

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