Saturday, May 16, 2009


Batu Feringghi, Penang. From below (clockwise): Emma, Maimon, Ijah

I just went back from North and I found myself really in love with him, again.

It feels so right to be beside him, and hanging around like we used to.

Am listening to my fav song on my fav radio station, and my tears start to pool up. I found one picture that I was longing to have, it was 4 f*ckin years ago.

Not too long for others, but for me, that's like waiting to have another Persian Cat. When again, I read through my old blog there in friendster (I know, lame), I used language which speaks up more than now. I have lose my skill in writing in English and I have yet to discover new vocab in English. Gotta have a new dict and read more RD.

Updates from Penang:

On the first day, I surprised him by not telling him I was going to Penang last weekend. Pakatan dengan mak mentua to be, and sister in law to be was successful haha. He went outfor futsal and went back at 2AM (by this time I just stepped out of the car, arrived). He was speechless. That was fun. Friday, nothing much. He was helping his friend, Sani setting up balai untuk kawen. He got married last week (24/4/2009) and the receptions were last week which is 2/5 and 3/5. This is the main reason I went to Penang.

On Friday night, we went to Pacific (tok paling cool kah di Seberang Prai, sebab cam sik bes jak ehehe) and bought Sani and his wife a present. Hadiah kawen bah. On Saturday, we went to Sani's reception at the bride's side, in Kepala Batas. Semua anak mami. Hehe.'Twas ok, even though it rained that day.

That night, we didn't even go to Search Konsert di Awan Biru, walaupun ada melintas di tempat konsert dijalankan and I saw 4 big containers with Search printed all over thecontainers, kinda cool. I went to see him playing football with Delima @ Kepala Batas.

Malam itu, makan2 bersama mother in law to be, sis in law to be and her brother, cousin and her brother's girlfriend, Masitah. Mek Sitoh. Hehe. Then, he wanted to eat KFC. Yeah, he likes KFC. We then went to Auto City to enjoythe delicacy ( I call it delicacy as it is rare for us). Udah ya, esoknya, ambik Sani dan bininya dari Kepala Batas ke umah Sani, reception atthe groom's side.

Was rushing to go back to KL, kota traffic jam.

I really need a vacation heh.

Faith / Qada'


My alarm car went off when I locked it.
I parked my car just in front of the burnt down Bistro.I walked towards CIMB, sederet Mahbub. My right was Bangsar Village, my back was a row of houses. On my left, far left, is the Pizza Hut.

I walked, with my jeans, all torned down at the knee part, sedikit koyak juga di belakang.I wore Beatles cheap t-shirt, turquoise in color. Rambut remos, not too high macam stewardess Air Asia. Eyeliner semestinya nampak dari jauh.

Walk with dignity. Sombong.

I tried to potray the image of a rocker like me can also drive a Honda with reserved plate number. A passer-by, who happened to be a salesman tried to stop me halfway to the CIMB, gave me a pamphlet.

Dengan muka sombong, I took the pamphlet and walked off without giving any chance for the salesman to even explain what he was trying to sell. He walked away from me to find another victim, maybe.

Dengan muka sombong lagi, I read the pamphlet, while walking. Still, trying to potray to people around me that a rocker, seluar koyak, can still drive a Honda, and can actually read.

Sedikit lagi hendak sampai ke CIMB...
Masih membaca...
Masih sombong...


Aku jatuh.

Terjelopok macam tu, like a girl fell down from a swing. I sat at the kaki lima like a girl sitting in front of her mother-in-law, sopan bersimpuh. My handbag were wide open, berterabur barang2 di dalam.

In front of me, a guy, Indonesian guy, with his pink basket of cashew nuts, our eyes were level. He was laughing silently at me, but he was laughing hard. His shoulder were shaken by his laughter, smoke from the cigeratte keluar bergetar-getar dari mulut, hasil laughing.

I can see that his eyes had water in them, watery-shakenly shoulder-laugh he had. I waved the pamphlet which, was still in my hand, at him. "Awak jangan la gelak!"We were like having our private jokes by then.

Orang2 yang lepak di Mahbub were all staring at us. Trying to understand, maybe.
The Indonesian guy, told me "Mungkin licin ya sedikit di situ". I was trying to explain to him that the curb and bla bla but, alah, no point maybe. So, I woke up, slowly, went into CIMB, still laughing, pegi cucuk sedikit duit for Bunga Telur, for later.

Selesai transaksi, I went out of the CIMB, my eyes searching for the Indonesian guy who I had private joke with seconds ago. He looked at me, and said "Kacang kak..." still, obviously, the laugh did not die there and then when I did get up from my fall just now. Even the "Kacang, kak" also was not intended forhis kacang to be sold, but just a joke to make me remember more of him. I smiled.

Ahhh....That was the story when I had my private joke with someone, I never knew existed.

Back in the car,I was thinking about faith. Faith brings people together. Faith is something like Qada', at least to my opinion. Faith brings me, and the Indonesian guy together and had a private joke,in Bangsar, for a mere few seconds. When we were kids, I was in Sarawak. He was probably in Jawa Timur. We met, in Bangsar. In an unexpected situation. Masa kecik2, bukan pernah terfikir that we even brush shoulders with people halfway around the world (in my case, not halfway, it's quarter?).

I was so naive that I did not even care how to accept faith, back when I was young. I broke up with my ex-bf, that one week of hell I went through just to beg him to stay with me. But where am I now? Engaged to someone else who I never think I can get my hands on him.

I have a friend who still trying to beg her bf to come back to her, I have no idea on how to console her,but I told her to just believe in faith. Faith will always assure the feeling of uneasiness.

When I see my sister, in our case, both of us from Sarawak, now happily married with a guy from Ambarawa. Yes, where the hell is Ambarawa before we knew him?

My brother, also, lives in Borneo for quarter a century, can meet up with an Australian lorry driver who generously paid for his return ticket to Malaysia.

Faith do odd things that we human can never imagine or imply.
Faith. Yes, you Faith.
You should and shall believe in one.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Takkan Jawi Hilang di Dunia

Anak kekanda yang bongsu bernama Halimah dan yang
kecil2 anak Mara'ee cucu2 kepada kekanda.

From left: Cik Lani (kawan ayah), Nek Usu Limah, Ngah Siti Hauwah, Ayah

I found this old photo of my dad when he was a kid, maybe 3 or 4 years old. Cik Lani is his cousin cum good friend when they were young. The descriptions at the back might be written by my dad's granduncle. He wrote in Malaya cos they were from Tanah Melayu, having travelled to Sarawak untuk berdagang kain. He wrote in tulisan jawi. He wrote to my dad's grandfather, Sheikh Abdullah (cos he stated that my dad "cucu2").

 Nasib baik kamek pandey maca jawi, mun sik, comak ajak orang dalam gambar ya dipadah sapa2 ajak lah. 

Gambar ya siap ada memew and duak ekor manok. Tinggi benar juak manok ya oh. 

Jangan mansuh tulisan jawi.
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